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Our skype meeting was held on Wednesday, May 16, 7PM. We discussed some final technical questions about our CIG spotlight presentation. I have completed the large visual for our group the Balancing Act. This visual states our inquiry question and will hopefully unify the entire display. We agreed to be at the IU at 7:30 because we are the first group presenting. I’m very pleased to know the Superintendent from my District; Mrs. Jackson will be in attendance on Friday. She as always been a great supporter of the Arts in my district. I will be proud to show her the growth and accomplishments I have made during my 3 years of participation in AE 2.0.

Yesterday I met with the Assistant to the Superintendent of my district and together we applied for the Target Arts Grant. I first found about this from AE 2.0. The amount of the grant is $2000.00 dollars. If we do get the grant my plan is to continue the project we started with the STEAM grant. The original project was a collaborative effort between ceramic artists Jim and Linda Winegar, and the ART ONE students of Burgettstown, The plan is to use the grant money to have the Winegars’ return to do a 2 Day residency at Burgettstown High School with the focus on various ceramic techniques. The Art One students will be introduced to the basics of wheel throwing, hand building and press mold techniques. The students will be able to benefit from the perspectives of these artists and it will be helpful in developing their own artistic voice. Ceramics students at Burgettstown will be able to benefit from this residency by improving their centering, throwing, trimming, hand building, and glazing techniques. I also plan to take what I have learned this year about INQUIRY in AE 2.0 and apply it to this ceramic project. The possibilities of this coming to fruition are exciting. We will know if we were accepted this coming August, wish us luck!

Artist Website

Check out the 3 videos Marlynn and I filmed at their pottery

The Balancing Act meeting
March 15th Brownsville High School 4:30pm
We discussed our ideas for our final presentation on Friday May 18th. I offered to make the center piece of the presentation because I was unable to attend the optional work meetings. We agreed it would be a large visual of the Cat in the Hat balancing dishes and umbrellas on a tightrope. Each CIG member is also going to make a personalized umbrella that tells our story that will be incorporated with the final presentation. The centerpiece will include our Group Inquiry Question: “When learning necessary art and music skills, where can the balance between inquiry-based and teacher-directed instruction be found? (Or: which instructional strategies work best)”
The Balancing Act CIG members also discussed using our iPads for photos and videos of this year’s individual and group work.
Note. (Rant) Google maps do not take one to …Brownsville High School rather to some athletic field.

Group Inquiry #2
Reflecting back on this project I think most of my students really began to understand the techniques, composition, and thought processes artists use when they produce an original work of art. I think had a high success rate for this project. The students learned about the history of the work, techniques used, and its creator without the usual drudgery. I think reproducing Art from the masters helped my students to acquire an appreciation and understanding of both aesthetics and technique. By reproducing a painting the students gained insight into an artist’s process, which in some cases helped the student achieve new level of competency with their own composition and technique.

After completing this project I think many of the students began to look more closely at works of art and realized said works can be a factor for the personal growth of a student/artist. I also strongly encouraged students if given the opportunity to see these works in person for not only inspiration but the offerings of texture often unseen from a 2-D photo from a book or a screen. Some of the students realized that study of masters is important part of becoming an artist, as they studied their chosen painting; they saw their learning curve increase tremendously. I stressed the goal is not only to learn a particular artist’s style, composition, or techniques, but also how that artist thought.

At the conclusion of the project the students participated in a critique of each others work. The students were asked to notice and describe the features of the painting; some informal inquiry was discussed on how the piece was composed and some thoughts on its content and meaning. The goal was is not only to learn a particular artist’s techniques, but to inquire about the thought process in creation.
The administration was pleased that my class incorporated thought and writing, which they see as an important addition to the overall curriculum.

Some of the Inquiry questions the students came up with …..
How did the artist approach the work? What techniques and materials were used?
What media was used in production? How is the media different than what is available to artists today?
What feelings are expressed in this painting? What techniques did the artist use to convey those emotions?
I’ll close with some interesting quotations on this subject

(Great works of art) “Are not the product of single and solitary births; they are the product of many years of thinking in common, of thinking by the body of the people, so that the experience of the mass is behind the single voice”
-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own
“Alot cats copy the Mona Lisa, but people still line up to see the original.”
Louis Armstrong
“Only God creates. The rest of us just copy.”
– Michelangelo

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