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During our final CIG meeting, the inquiring hearts really cracked down to figure out how we were going to express what we were all about. We’re all passionate about conveying how the arts can give a person a sense of belongingness and showing how the arts can connect you to the world in so many ways. How do we show this in a physical sense? Each of us chose one project that we did within our classroom. A project where there were “world connectors” within them. We also decided to have a heart photo booth. Within this, we would ask those who come to see our work to answer the question how art connects them to the world? What art does for your life? I unfortunately wasn’t able to come to the final day because I ..fortunately, had my first little baby on Mother’s day. ha :) I loved seeing the video that my cig members made for my new guy Foster  and all the other babies of the world/people of the world. Just because we’re not fresh to the world doesn’t mean our minds are full. Let’s always strive to learn new things. The arts are a gate way to new adventures, new experience, happiness. 

During one of our CIG meetings, we left early as a group to go on a CIG field trip! We went to Uniontown high school because Becky invited the Invisible children roadies to give a presentation to the students. There are many different opinions on the invisible children and what they do. Bottom line for me is that they make people aware of what life could be like, and IS like for some in the world. It gets people thinking about their place in this world and what they can be doing to make it better. I’ve heard opinions say that it’s just a “trend” to post about/be a supporter of the invisible children. What is wrong with a trend where people are helping other people? Perhaps I’m ignorant to EVERYTHING that it is, behind the scenes stuff, what the culture really is like in Africa, Joseph Kony and what he does, but from what I experienced from the roadies, they’re missionaries with hearts to help.

Today was a catch up, get organized, and get blogging day. We are hard at work making check lists to ensure the Balancing Act is all on the same page. After I caught up on my blogging, I began commenting on my fellow team members posts,( who are busy at work sharing the latest news from their classroom and what they are brainstorming, and trying out). I also have been paying  visits to  both Camille’s and Cory’s blogs so I can learn new ways to spice up my blogs. Incorporating picture helps me to tell my story, I would like to record some videos to show others what is going on in my classroom . 


MAR 2 2012

All CIG members came together for the optional workday.  We are using this time to complete some of the required readings and blogs. We are also taking the time to read and comment on each other’s blogs as well as other members of Arts Educator 2.0.

I want to touch base on how my students are doing with the independent project. Although I am finding that many of them are not documenting their work, some of the work is amazing.  I have given them some ways to document, but do not want to give too much guidance because I would like them to do this on their own. I want this project to remain “independent”.  I have several students who are really doing great with this. They have gone out, found art they like and researched what materials are needed. One student fell in love with mosaic and how people were painting and adding mosaics to cow skulls. She was so excited about this project. She did not know where to find a cow skull, so she was going to settle for a deer skull, which are easier to come across. During Valentines Day, her boyfriend surprised her with a cow skull. We laughed at the “gift” and how most would not understand.


JAN 13 2012


Our CIG group’s inquiry is focused around the independent learner. When I present my students with a problem-solving lesson, it reflects what my group is working on.  Our CIG has decided to have our students fill out a questionnaire. Each CIG member wrote her own questions. We are focusing on questions that will help us answer weather or not our students are independent learners. From here, we can work to create independent learners. After my findings, I wrote an “Independent Art” lesson.  The lesson allows the students to research and chose a challenging project. I have given them some guidelines. They will need to document their process as part of the project. I have given them several tools to do so. They may keep a running word document that they can print in the end or create a blog. This is their choice.

(original post 11/2011)

It was somewhat refreshing and yet at the same time slightly terrifying to change CIG groups this year. For the past two years of the AE 2.0 project I was a part of the same CIG with the same people and the same CIG facilitator. There was a sense of familiarity about that. We may have been somewhat dysfunctional but there was a comfort level there. We worked well together. We understood each other. This year while the overall participants have not changed, we restructured the groups. It felt somewhat akin to the first day at a new school. New first impressions, trying to find where within the system you fit in. It was also somewhat difficult since there was no clear leader, no one wanted to assume the role and exclude the ideas of the others. It’s refreshing to discover what other people are doing in their classrooms. It enables us to get new ideas from each other. I really am interested to see how grouping the CIGs by topic of inquiry will impact how the project unfolds. We still have some splits between age groups and discipline areas but all focusing on the same question should ultimately alleviate some of the difficulties we’ve faced in years past. Overall I think I am excited to see how these new relationships grow and what new information we will be able to find.

September 2020

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