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Hi Cory,

I read your post and I am glad to help with uploading a music or audio file. ; )

After starting a “new post” there is an option to upload an audio/picture file:

When you click on the icon, it opens a window that looks like this:

In this case, when I tried to add the “Itsy Bitsy Blogger” music file, I realized the file was too large for the blog post (as indicated in red above).

This would normally be a great way to post a smaller audio file. Unfortunately the basic WordPress service does not allow adding larger audio files. However, I am not giving up… There has to be an audio player or another widget out there that allows me to embed it into WordPress… Will investigate that… If all else fails I can include it on a website and link it here….


I admit it, you asked me to post this and I have been dragging my feet.  After all, a blog is like a great sharing, an inspiring conversation, a place to talk about  what you are challenged by or what you are celebrating- in a community there to help.  So why did I keep putting it off ?  Finally I had to ask myself WHY AM I A RELUCTANT BLOGGER?   And it was for all of the reasons we wrote in OUR SONG!

Maybe we were a little giddy listening to all the great stuff happening in the room, or maybe we are just crazy techies, but for whatever reason, reluctant bloggers everywhere take comfort- help is on the way thanks to thanks to Camille, Cory, David and Bethany and these musical moments.

Now Camille can you help me load the music file??? HELP!  How do you load one???

The Itsy Bitsy Blogger (to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy blogger went up to write a post, down went the net and now the post is toast!

Out came a word doc to put it on at first, Now the itsy bitsy blooger could handle all the worst

The itsy bitsy blogger sat down to write a post, Writing always scared them, it bothered them the most,

Out came some pictures, the blogger posted these, Now the itsy bitsy blogger could make a post with ease.

The itsy bitsy blogger tried for the perfect post, Two hours later the page was still “almost”

Out came the tech dames who hit them on the head, Posts are conversations just talk to us they said!

The itsy bitsy blogger was posting to their blog, Their inquiry was dragging, they heads were in a fog,

Up popped a post with  someone else’s news, Now the itsy bitsy blogger had ideas they could use.

La bloggarotcha, La bloggarathcha,

Get your stuff down on the page

La bloggartcha, La bloggarathcha,

Make your classroom all the rage!

La bloggatotch, La bloggaratcha

Post to talk to us,it’s free,

La blogarotcha, La Blogaratcha,

I share with you, you share with me!

Blogging is a great way for arts teachers to document their own inquiry processes as we have seen in the ArtsEducator2.0 blog. However, blogging is also a great way to get students to write about inquiry processes in the arts classroom.

Cory, I wonder how many arts teachers incorporate what they learn about blogging into their classroom?

This makes me think of Will Richardson who is known by many in the ed tech world as a leader of blogging in the classroom. A couple years ago I read this great guide on blogging for classroom teachers:

I haven’t yet had the chance to read this one, but it has also received good reviews:

I wonder if “arts classrooms are leading the way with student blogging?” I also wonder if we created an effective practices list on student blogging in the arts classroom, what would it look like? What suggestions would there be for student bloggers? And teachers facilitating this experience? How would the students be included in generating ideas for blog prompts? Of course, it would be important to know if the school has a student responsible use policy that addresses blogging prior to students creating content online.

There are plenty of resources for student blogging in the classroom including one of my favorites: This site includes a resource page that describes the rationale for student blogging. More blog topics here if interested….

Curious on your thoughts Cory?

I know you are only reading about 20% of what I am writing in this blog post (based on eye tracking research and specifically according to this site: The most important information will also be posted here at the start of this blog entry and at the end so please ignore the middle (see primacy effect:

blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah…..blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. blah blah blah….. This is the part you won’t remember…..Remember?

What does this mean to blog writers?

I know that I scan blog posts and I almost never read long blog entries as I prefer to jump around learning snippets about different things. Perhaps most of what I am writing here will not even be scanned by most visitors? The problem is I have no way to know who will read what parts and to what extent! Perhaps including relevant graphics with the text will help engage some of the “readers that might otherwise skip this post? Ok…. Here goes….

As you can see there is nothing very interesting in the middle of the photo. To me, the most interesting element is the child at the other end of the camera who is waiting for me to pull her on the sled. Remember when I told you the most interesting information would be at the end? Hee hee. ; )

Thanks for the reminder Camille, that is a great way to keep on top of new blog posts I want to read. I also use the RSS feed for a lot of the blogs I want to follow, but the email reminder will help a lot.  I can even tell wordpress how often to update me.  So, for example if I decide that every Friday I will check the blog, I can ask to be updated once a week to make it easier.  Sweet..

Camille, do you use RSS feed at all?  It is so simple!  You just have to have some sort of a reader- I use Google reader.  First, I signed up for a Google reader account.  Now whenever I find a blog  that I like that has RSS feed I sign up for the feed.  The blog asks me what to use to collect the feed and I choose “Google reader”, so whenever I go into my Google reader account, the latest posts will be there.   You can sign up for RSS feed for this blog here:

On my iPad I use Flipboard to pull  Google reader and all my RSS feeds together.  Flipboard is a free ap that converts any blog, wiki, twitter account, facebook, etc. that you subscribe to (with RSS feed) into a slick news magazine.  Here’s a screen shot of my homepage on my iPad Flipboard- notice that Google reader is on there, along with some others.

At first I had a bit of a problem using Fipboard because you have to tell it which blogs or RSS feeds to put in the line up.  Sites that are well-known are easy,  you just use the search function on  Flipboard to find them and add them to your account, then they appear on your homepage.    It can be tricky to find some of the other blogs that don’t get as much traffic, so I made sure that I was subscribed through Google reader and then just put Google reader in my Flipboard account.

Here’s what the Artsedtech blog looks like on Flipboard:

It’s a great tool to share theatre blogs with my students because they can turn the pages like a book. Cool huh?

So Cory… I have been reading all the blog posts and thought it might be helpful if we shared the process of following other teacher’s posts… So that others can comment and collaborate where they feel appropriate on each other’s blog posts?

I have found it useful to receive email updates when anyone from the blog makes new posts. Below is a screenshot if you are not already receiving these updates. Do you find this a useful tool Cory?:

Cory, perhaps we can provide some tech support here?

I have been thinking about the participant’s process of including categories and tags in their posts. Perhaps it would be helpful for us to share some more specifics about this process?

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