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I really appreciate you responding to my question about tags.  I suspect I mis-communicated, and/or got my wires crossed somewhere.  I meant to thank you for creating the category “Technology” so that we can sort all our posts by our group.  Having been through several permutations of what to call us, I am liking the Technology Team- almost as if we are a CIG, and I thought that was where your head was going when I noticed the Technology category appear.

In many ways we are conducting an inquiry; posing and answers questions that are problematic to our particular practice, which is of course supporting those awesome Arts Educator 2.0 groups with technology.

Seems fitting then that we have a category to identify our group, and make it really easy for anyone who wants to see our tech talk tips to find them.

If you are out there listening and you missed a tech talk chat and would like to see what we have been yakking about, just click on “Technology” in the list of categories.  You can find the list on the left of the blog right under the names of the bloggers.

And thanks to you, I now know to tag my post “tech talk”.     That means that anyone who goes to the Technology category can also figure out what we are yakking about pretty quickly.  And yep, I know I can add another tag if I want to, and it doesn’t have to be on a list anywhere.  So if my tech talk is about …hmmm… tags for example.. I can put “tags” in as a tag and Voila!  Now anyone looking up Technology and Tags can jump right here.

BTW Brian Nicholson did a great rundown on the whole tag system here.

This system quickly helps anyone reading the blog find things.   So categories and tags help you quickly find:

What’s shakin with Inquiring  heARTS?

How are the Balancing Act’s plans for the final presentation going?

Any new tech resources from the Independents?

What has M & D been up to lately?

Or maybe….

Did anyone read what I read for the Reading 1 assignment? (sort by reading 1)

What is Create, Perform, Respond and why was it a Reading 2 possibility? (sort by reading 2) 

Did anyone other than me feel confused about their inquiry in the first few weeks? (sort by Inquiry 1)

How is inquiry playing out in the classrooms now that we are pretty far along in the year? (sort by Inquiry 2)

Nifty Keeno!


It’s me again.   Ok first I bet you want to know what that picture is all about.  Read on Macbeth!

The wheels have been turning.  Dangerous I know.  I  just read an article today about teaching students how to deliver a monologue.  It stressed the importance of remembering that even a monologue is a  conversation.  That person is talking to someone – the other person just hasn’t had a chance to speak yet.

Monologues should actually feel like a dialogue.  Share ah ha moments, tell a story, capture interest, open the door to conversation enough so that the audience should be looking over their shoulders to see who is going to answer.

Wonder if blogs should be that way too?  A conversation as if you are talking to someone and expecting an answer.  That would mean I would have to imagine who I was talking to, what might get them interested in answering me, and why I wanted to talk to them in the first place.

And just like when I teach acting I always say that every bit of dialogue has to do with the character’s main issue or through line- blog posts kinda have to do with our main issue, the inquiry.  Right?

And like in any good play, I guess I would also have to make sure that I fill in the back story a little bit- give enough information so that they understand why that picture is important to the inquiry for example.

Wow-  Shakespeare was right- all the world’s a stage! So what do you think?   Am I just a crazy actor or could I be on to something?


I blogged today about RSS feed and how it made my life Really Simpler… Then I looked at the post and immediately had to get to my Dashboard and “Edit”  because I forgot to use categories and tags.

So, first off, my bad!!

Secondly- thanks loads for setting up the Technology category.  Now I can easily keep track of our blog conversations and scope out the latest links you share.

Thirdly – did I tag it correctly?  Can you check?  What was your vision for tags to help us sort information?

I process about 75 emails a day, and on a good day have a backlog of 150+.  So why would I want to get yet one more email? To keep up with what Arts Educator 2.0 folks are blogging, of course. I signed up for email notifications from our blog and I am so glad I did!

Here is just a random sampling of some of the things I’ve learned.  Check out inquiry to compare and contrast Romeo & Juliet with West Side Story.

Or strange and wonderful places to exhibit art works, such as art on their ceiling tiles or in student lockers.

Want to know about the value and challenges of letting students drive the learning? Check out the story of Rodeo,  or the blog post about some data surprises.  (reminds me of the science experiment with the goldfish who kept dying.. but that’s another story) – data driven decision making and inquiry- gotta love it!

And if that is not enough how about ideas like using blogs and wikis with students  convincing your students of the value of practice  (note to students:  be careful what you wish for! unless it is a magical world of course).

These are just some random samplings from the over 140 gems on this blog!

… so much to view.. so little time!! The email notifications I receive are great!   But….remember those 150 emails in my backlog.  Talk about GUILT!

What to do?  What to do?  I know!!!  RSS Feed to the rescue!   I just clicked on this:

and Voila!  WordPress will now send this blog to my Google Reader account.  Now I just check Google Reader every day to keep up with the latest gems from Arts Educator!  I can also get it to go to my desktop whenever I open Google- like MSN News but special :0)  Now that’s Really Simple!!! (RSS- Get it?)  Anybody else game to try?  Give a shout out if you need help!


I admit it, you asked me to post this and I have been dragging my feet.  After all, a blog is like a great sharing, an inspiring conversation, a place to talk about  what you are challenged by or what you are celebrating- in a community there to help.  So why did I keep putting it off ?  Finally I had to ask myself WHY AM I A RELUCTANT BLOGGER?   And it was for all of the reasons we wrote in OUR SONG!

Maybe we were a little giddy listening to all the great stuff happening in the room, or maybe we are just crazy techies, but for whatever reason, reluctant bloggers everywhere take comfort- help is on the way thanks to thanks to Camille, Cory, David and Bethany and these musical moments.

Now Camille can you help me load the music file??? HELP!  How do you load one???

The Itsy Bitsy Blogger (to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy blogger went up to write a post, down went the net and now the post is toast!

Out came a word doc to put it on at first, Now the itsy bitsy blooger could handle all the worst

The itsy bitsy blogger sat down to write a post, Writing always scared them, it bothered them the most,

Out came some pictures, the blogger posted these, Now the itsy bitsy blogger could make a post with ease.

The itsy bitsy blogger tried for the perfect post, Two hours later the page was still “almost”

Out came the tech dames who hit them on the head, Posts are conversations just talk to us they said!

The itsy bitsy blogger was posting to their blog, Their inquiry was dragging, they heads were in a fog,

Up popped a post with  someone else’s news, Now the itsy bitsy blogger had ideas they could use.

La bloggarotcha, La bloggarathcha,

Get your stuff down on the page

La bloggartcha, La bloggarathcha,

Make your classroom all the rage!

La bloggatotch, La bloggaratcha

Post to talk to us,it’s free,

La blogarotcha, La Blogaratcha,

I share with you, you share with me!

Thanks for the reminder Camille, that is a great way to keep on top of new blog posts I want to read. I also use the RSS feed for a lot of the blogs I want to follow, but the email reminder will help a lot.  I can even tell wordpress how often to update me.  So, for example if I decide that every Friday I will check the blog, I can ask to be updated once a week to make it easier.  Sweet..

Camille, do you use RSS feed at all?  It is so simple!  You just have to have some sort of a reader- I use Google reader.  First, I signed up for a Google reader account.  Now whenever I find a blog  that I like that has RSS feed I sign up for the feed.  The blog asks me what to use to collect the feed and I choose “Google reader”, so whenever I go into my Google reader account, the latest posts will be there.   You can sign up for RSS feed for this blog here:

On my iPad I use Flipboard to pull  Google reader and all my RSS feeds together.  Flipboard is a free ap that converts any blog, wiki, twitter account, facebook, etc. that you subscribe to (with RSS feed) into a slick news magazine.  Here’s a screen shot of my homepage on my iPad Flipboard- notice that Google reader is on there, along with some others.

At first I had a bit of a problem using Fipboard because you have to tell it which blogs or RSS feeds to put in the line up.  Sites that are well-known are easy,  you just use the search function on  Flipboard to find them and add them to your account, then they appear on your homepage.    It can be tricky to find some of the other blogs that don’t get as much traffic, so I made sure that I was subscribed through Google reader and then just put Google reader in my Flipboard account.

Here’s what the Artsedtech blog looks like on Flipboard:

It’s a great tool to share theatre blogs with my students because they can turn the pages like a book. Cool huh?

This is a test post.

September 2020

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