During our final CIG meeting, the inquiring hearts really cracked down to figure out how we were going to express what we were all about. We’re all passionate about conveying how the arts can give a person a sense of belongingness and showing how the arts can connect you to the world in so many ways. How do we show this in a physical sense? Each of us chose one project that we did within our classroom. A project where there were “world connectors” within them. We also decided to have a heart photo booth. Within this, we would ask those who come to see our work to answer the question how art connects them to the world? What art does for your life? I unfortunately wasn’t able to come to the final day because I ..fortunately, had my first little baby on Mother’s day. ha :) I loved seeing the video that my cig members made for my new guy Foster  and all the other babies of the world/people of the world. Just because we’re not fresh to the world doesn’t mean our minds are full. Let’s always strive to learn new things. The arts are a gate way to new adventures, new experience, happiness.