So I started out this year and talked to my students about them running the whole show. Everything from choosing the theme & music to publicity, programs and choreography. We jumped right in making collaborative groups. Students chose the groups they wanted to be working in. I asked them if they wanted me to set up communication, blogs, etc. They said “no,” let us figure out how we will keep records and communicate. After the Christmas show my students assessed what they like/didn’t like, what they felt went well/not so well and what plainly failed. My students and I collaborated on resources that they would need for the spring concert/show. They wanted subgroups, timecards, check lists, and scheduled meetings, essentially they asked for everything that I wanted to give them for the first show. Now the first show went well, but my students were more stressed, trying to make times for meetings and communications. It is interesting to me that once they gave me the list of things they felt they needed. They actually used these tools because they now saw the value. So I gave them the tools and meetings etc., that they requested.  The second show went really well as well.  (a roughly 2hour show with constant music and movement, no down time waiting for groups to get on the stage or off) TheImage biggest thing that I noticed was that my students who used the requested tools accomplished their task with much more ease and much less stress. I still had students who didn’t use the tools and they found that they were late on their parts of the project and they were doing double the work or repeating work that someone in their group had already done. These students were more stressed and working right up to the last moment.