For my CIG Meeting #2 blogpost, I would like to briefly discuss our last meeting at the IU-1 on April 16. I will be honest, I was very apprehensive going into our final meeting that morning. I know that we had our concept of our final project firmly in place, but I still wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to contribute. Plus, I know that 45-minutes had been decided as the amount of time each CIG was going to be allotted for our final project presentation.

So our M and D CIG begins our morning session and begin to start detailing the concept of our “movie”. Other members start discussing what they have collected from their classrooms (i.e., pics, interviews, etc) and it finally starts hitting me what photos I can take to add to our project. I again hear about what the other members of our CIG are doing in their classsrooms, what they are capturing from their students, and about what is working or not working. We decide who is going to be the “go-to” person for our “movie”, and set a deadline date for getting to her all of our contributions for our group project.

We then move onto creating our personal narratives that will be the audio track contributions to our movie. We each take time to sit and write our narratives that basically sum up what we have done / are doing in our classrooms to try and get our students more motivated. We finish our narratives and, one at a time, begin to read our narratives to the group while someone times them. We get through only about two or so of our narratives and they have ended up being anywhere from 4-7 minutes in length…….TOO LONG!!!!! We go back to our written scripts and begin to edit them down to a few minutes because after lunch, we will be recording them for our movie.

After lunch, we go back one at a time to the computer lab to record our narratives. Michael does his recording first, comes back and his time is within a few seconds of what the narrative should be! I did mine second, same thing! Then Marlynn does hers and she’s within seconds as well!!!

All the pieces of this puzzle have begun to fall into place nicely….let’s just hope that on May 18th, our project presentation will go just as well!!!!