Our CIG had a skype session earlier this semester to discuss where we stood with our inquiry process. We went around from member to member to discuss what all we were trying to do within our classrooms to try and help motivate students. Michael discussed how he had started using “band bucks” as a reward for his students that they could use to redeem at the school store. At the time, it seemed to be working well with his students. They were practicing outside of the classroom on their instrument more than they ever had.

I had discussed how my co-worker Dave Dayton and I have discussed our inquiry question, and he had chosen to let 5th and 6th grade band students play lines in their band book for gold stars. As long as the student shows improvement, a gold star is awarded. Then, Dave posts a chart on the wall with a list of all 5th and 6th grade band students’ names and how many stars they have been awarded. Once the chart was posted, the students started counting stars on the charts and a competition with each other had begun. As of now, the gold star system seems to be working.

After we discussed what all we had been trying in our classrooms, we began to discuss what all information we were going to collect to put intro our final project.