Yesterday I met with the Assistant to the Superintendent of my district and together we applied for the Target Arts Grant. I first found about this from AE 2.0. The amount of the grant is $2000.00 dollars. If we do get the grant my plan is to continue the project we started with the STEAM grant. The original project was a collaborative effort between ceramic artists Jim and Linda Winegar, and the ART ONE students of Burgettstown, The plan is to use the grant money to have the Winegars’ return to do a 2 Day residency at Burgettstown High School with the focus on various ceramic techniques. The Art One students will be introduced to the basics of wheel throwing, hand building and press mold techniques. The students will be able to benefit from the perspectives of these artists and it will be helpful in developing their own artistic voice. Ceramics students at Burgettstown will be able to benefit from this residency by improving their centering, throwing, trimming, hand building, and glazing techniques. I also plan to take what I have learned this year about INQUIRY in AE 2.0 and apply it to this ceramic project. The possibilities of this coming to fruition are exciting. We will know if we were accepted this coming August, wish us luck!

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Check out the 3 videos Marlynn and I filmed at their pottery