Somehow we’ve hit that point of the year where PSSA testing is over, spring break has come and gone and the final countdowns of the year have arrived. Every year we get to that point where the kids (and the teachers) are mentally done. In some ways it seems like that point arrives sooner and sooner each year. I had really been hoping that by following the responses from my students pre-test where they indicated they would be more motivated to practice and participate when given more ownership and leadership in the choices of the group we would avoid that point.  For the Christmas concert, I had insisted the students wear the choir robes. The robes are plain black and have a red and white stole. They just look clean and uniform. You avoid the issue of girls’ skirts being too short or blouses cut too low or the gentleman not having dress shirts. It takes the guesswork out of what to wear for the performance. The kids hate the robes. They feel like they look ridiculous. So we created a compromise. I would be willing to have them wear something else, but they had to create the proposal. In previous years the former director would have tshirts created for the group and they would wear those with ‘nice jeans.’ I thought the kids would jump all over this opportunity. So many of them are artistic and we have access to equipment to screenprint shirts with their design. We set a deadline of the beginning of April for their designs so that if needed we would have time for shirts to be made. The deadline was posted on the board, on my class Edline page, announced multiple times in rehearsal. I really tried to encourage the kids to be creative with this opportunity. The deadline passed and I didn’t have a single proposal. They just seemed apathetic.