The Balancing Act meeting
March 15th Brownsville High School 4:30pm
We discussed our ideas for our final presentation on Friday May 18th. I offered to make the center piece of the presentation because I was unable to attend the optional work meetings. We agreed it would be a large visual of the Cat in the Hat balancing dishes and umbrellas on a tightrope. Each CIG member is also going to make a personalized umbrella that tells our story that will be incorporated with the final presentation. The centerpiece will include our Group Inquiry Question: “When learning necessary art and music skills, where can the balance between inquiry-based and teacher-directed instruction be found? (Or: which instructional strategies work best)”
The Balancing Act CIG members also discussed using our iPads for photos and videos of this year’s individual and group work.
Note. (Rant) Google maps do not take one to …Brownsville High School rather to some athletic field.