For one of our Arts Ed meetings, our group went to Uniontown High School to view a presentation on Invisible Children. I had some previous knowledge of the group, but had never seen a show before. Since we are Inquiring Hearts, part of our inquiry is how to use arts to make our world a better place. This was a perfect example because these young people used a video that was very well made to engage the audience in supporting their cause. It was amazing to see how the young people responded by filing out cards with their information and making a pledge to help support the campaign. In case you have never heard of Invisible Children, it is a movement to promote the arrest of a warlord in Africa who kidnaps children and forces them to become soldiers, killing even their own families and people from their villages. Every year, the high school club for Invisible Children brings the group in to present for the student body. After this, students hold an art market and have a concert to raise funds for the cause. It is a really powerful that students can get involved in a great way to support people from across the world that, though they have never met, they value and treasure their lives as human beings. For our CIG, that is what art is all about…supporting and giving hope, as more than just an art form, but as an expression of life.