After teaching my students about Picasso and self portraits, I wanted to transition from realism to cubist style. Collage seemed to be a good choice for both a newer medium as well as a great student inquiry based project to explore. I began by showing a PowerPoint of artists working in the collage technique and asked my students questions like “What shapes, colors, lines… do you see repeated? Why is repeating these elements important? What is unity?. The students, especially the older classes,were able to answer the questions after I mirrored the correct responses for the first slides. The next step was allowing students to create an idea through looking through magazines and sketching. They were each given an envelope to keep all their materials; the requirements are a theme and repeated elements of art. The next two classed were devoted for students creating their collages and maintaining a theme to keep them on track. I was pleasantly surprised with many of the results …




Several of my students shared with me that they created their own collage over Easter break, which really informed me that they enjoyed the lesson, and they were confident enough to uses the acquired skills independently. I am very pleased with the outcome of this lesson.