During our final cig day we truly wrestled with the idea of inquiry.  We went from no structure in our final presentation to a defined time frame for specific indivual projects.  I was very  eager to finally set up a concept to work within for the final spotlight.  Angela and Chelsie kept the day rolling by taking notes and repeat what she thought was relevant.  As thing progressed, I decided that my interactive project would be the third grade weaving project.  I will bring shuttles, yarn, the loom, and some finished pieces done by the students.  We have also decided  create a slideshow of student work that reflects the idea inquiry.  Our name is the Balancing Act to which we have followed all day.  Each of us adds so much individually to the project that agreeing on a flow for the day was a bit interesting.   Since we are all professional, we can see the other point of view with respect.  Finally, we settled on the intro, recorded our voices, and took our pictures.   Our group truly collaborated all day to make the preparations for the final day.