Today during our meeting we worked on our final presentation. We spent the first half of the day working on all the details. We have decided on setting up a show case were each member will design our own area of the showcase. We have 5 members. To are art, two music and one social studies teacher. We are setting up tables. We each will have our own table to showcase our inquiry question. We are also planning a collaborated slide show and an area with access to our wiki. Over all, I feel that we are ready. We are planning on getting together either through email or a Skype call.  So, the question I need to ask my myself while putting together my showcase is: What does an independent learner look like. Though my lessons, how did I show that my students demonstrated higher level learning. By having my students research their own projects, I found that they were more engaged in the process. In a way, it motivated them because they were getting to do what they wanted. However, I do find that they liked the guided independent project much better than the full independent project.