Today we are making sure we are all caught up on blog posts.  I personally will need to do one more post – Group Inquiry 3.  we are the balancing act,  we have different ways of doing things.  Within that we all encompass an umbrella, under that umbrella are our personal things that we juggle.  I used inquiry in …. way and this is what my students did.

We are working on our Material List for our set up of our Spotlight on Day 4.

We are each bringing in objects to show/represent inquiry done with our students.  My possible objects are as follows:

1. Story boards that the students used to plan their portion of the class animation.

2. Example on computer of student animation example using an inquiry approach.

3. Ipad with pictures of student working. On this ipad, I may also need to show the animation so that I can use my computer for the interactive piece.

4. For audience interaction- Clay and possibly a station set up for people to do stop motion.  I would need my lap top, a video camera, all cords and the clay.  I would need to make a sign explaining how to do it.  ” please contribute to this collaborative inquiry animated project.”  Have student create a video on ipod explaining how to do it.  Need lots of tripods!  Need a large piece of paper to put under clay so that we don’t get the table dirty.  Bring blank cd’s to burn a finished collaborative inquiry piece.

5.  Our personal Umbrella- words which encompass what we are as a teacher- words such as role model, therapist, etc..  Rain drop photos