I really appreciate you responding to my question about tags.  I suspect I mis-communicated, and/or got my wires crossed somewhere.  I meant to thank you for creating the category “Technology” so that we can sort all our posts by our group.  Having been through several permutations of what to call us, I am liking the Technology Team- almost as if we are a CIG, and I thought that was where your head was going when I noticed the Technology category appear.

In many ways we are conducting an inquiry; posing and answers questions that are problematic to our particular practice, which is of course supporting those awesome Arts Educator 2.0 groups with technology.

Seems fitting then that we have a category to identify our group, and make it really easy for anyone who wants to see our tech talk tips to find them.

If you are out there listening and you missed a tech talk chat and would like to see what we have been yakking about, just click on “Technology” in the list of categories.  You can find the list on the left of the blog right under the names of the bloggers.

And thanks to you, I now know to tag my post “tech talk”.     That means that anyone who goes to the Technology category can also figure out what we are yakking about pretty quickly.  And yep, I know I can add another tag if I want to, and it doesn’t have to be on a list anywhere.  So if my tech talk is about …hmmm… tags for example.. I can put “tags” in as a tag and Voila!  Now anyone looking up Technology and Tags can jump right here.

BTW Brian Nicholson did a great rundown on the whole tag system here.

This system quickly helps anyone reading the blog find things.   So categories and tags help you quickly find:

What’s shakin with Inquiring  heARTS?

How are the Balancing Act’s plans for the final presentation going?

Any new tech resources from the Independents?

What has M & D been up to lately?

Or maybe….

Did anyone read what I read for the Reading 1 assignment? (sort by reading 1)

What is Create, Perform, Respond and why was it a Reading 2 possibility? (sort by reading 2) 

Did anyone other than me feel confused about their inquiry in the first few weeks? (sort by Inquiry 1)

How is inquiry playing out in the classrooms now that we are pretty far along in the year? (sort by Inquiry 2)

Nifty Keeno!