I process about 75 emails a day, and on a good day have a backlog of 150+.  So why would I want to get yet one more email? To keep up with what Arts Educator 2.0 folks are blogging, of course. I signed up for email notifications from our blog and I am so glad I did!

Here is just a random sampling of some of the things I’ve learned.  Check out inquiry to compare and contrast Romeo & Juliet with West Side Story.

Or strange and wonderful places to exhibit art works, such as art on their ceiling tiles or in student lockers.

Want to know about the value and challenges of letting students drive the learning? Check out the story of Rodeo,  or the blog post about some data surprises.  (reminds me of the science experiment with the goldfish who kept dying.. but that’s another story) – data driven decision making and inquiry- gotta love it!

And if that is not enough how about ideas like using blogs and wikis with students  convincing your students of the value of practice  (note to students:  be careful what you wish for! unless it is a magical world of course).

These are just some random samplings from the over 140 gems on this blog!

… so much to view.. so little time!! The email notifications I receive are great!   But….remember those 150 emails in my backlog.  Talk about GUILT!

What to do?  What to do?  I know!!!  RSS Feed to the rescue!   I just clicked on this:

and Voila!  WordPress will now send this blog to my Google Reader account.  Now I just check Google Reader every day to keep up with the latest gems from Arts Educator!  I can also get it to go to my desktop whenever I open Google- like MSN News but special :0)  Now that’s Really Simple!!! (RSS- Get it?)  Anybody else game to try?  Give a shout out if you need help!