The new 9 weeks is looming ahead and I can’t wait to start with a new group. My goal is to start off on the right foot. Last 9 weeks, my substitute had to get things rolling and it made it difficult to switch them into the student inquiry mode. I’ve decided to take a proactive approach to an age old problem. My social studies classes always have to do presentations on a memorial in Washington DC. Historically, the low students and the students who are shy don’t want to participate. They would rather get a failing grade than research a topic and present it to the class. I’ve decided to take a few days to show them some alternate ways to present (not reading a report or building the Washington Monument). I’m going to ask a few of the kids to show the others their favorite apps. If they don’t know any, they will get a couple of days to try them out. Hopefully they will come up with something that ignites their motivational spirit!