Do You See the Light?

Well, I think I do see the light at the end of this very long tunnel! Acting out Romeo and Juliet was pretty traumatic for some of the students. Of course it is difficult to read, especially if you have a hard time reading on grade level. But, we pushed on with my 4 stars refusing to shine. Once we read through it once, and I was sure they understood the plot, we moved on to video. This gave the students who refused to participate so far a chance to actually do something. I offered to let them do the taping. I purchased a new ipad tripod mount and this let more students see what was actually being taped.

As we continued, I added the green screen technology with the Kromath3 app. Now the kids were dying to see how they looked in the camera. I was getting more and more participation.  We would review the “daily’s” and the students would self evaluate – and discuss how things could improve.   More actors were giving it some character and increased volume. They were beginning to come up with ideas for new backgrounds for the green screen! Yeah – they cared about learning!