So, Are They Really Learning?

So, I think they are learning, but how do we evaluate this? I’m really looking for understanding of plot, character, setting, and literary devises. How about comparing Romeo and Juliet to a more modern take off? I decided to have them view West Side Story. While watching, they fill out a comparison analysis sheet. It is very simple, lists of the characters of Romeo and Juliet, the setting, and main plot ideas. All they have to do is put the comparison down next to it. Example – Romeo is now Tony. Verona is now the streets of New York City. Now the Independent learning part – They are heading up the discussion during the movie – they are arguing about who is who and why they should believe them. They are providing the proof from plot ideas, character analysis! Oh, yeah! They even started discussing the slang used in the 60’s like the difficult language of Shakespeare and what it means today. Of course, there are still a couple of stars that don’t want to play with us, but the rest are finally ignoring them and pushing on with what they want to do. Now, to push the independent learning further – what next for these last couple of weeks of the 9 weeks???