As stated in the meeting, here is a post in which we as a group can collaborate on our ideas for the final group day on May 18th.  We discussed out ideas of “Balancing Act” as the central theme for our demonstration, and wanted an open forum to be able to discuss our individual ideas for the personal section of the sandbox.  Please leave your comments on what your idea is for the best Utilization of the central focul point.

1.  What item will You use to describe you as a person

2.  what things should be placed in the “YOUR” section.

3.  how many items do we present in each of our individual spots

4. any other ideas which may have sprouted since our discussion.
Please remember to post to this so we can have our ideas put together for the next meeting.  We will then be able to know a little more about where and how we can set up the display which will help us figure out exactly what we need to do and what we need to rethink.   Great meeting today and good to see everyone.