Our meeting got off to a rather slow start. New group, new ideas, no one really sure who’s going to take the initiative. Plus, without a facilitator we needed to rely solely on each other to figure out how our project was going to work, who was going to do what, when we needed to start and finish, what data would need to be collected, and how we would show our work in the end.

After throwing around some ideas during the morning session we decided to start with a pretest that would help us to gather some information about our students’ practice habits and their level of motivation toward individual practice. We talked about what questions we could include and how we could compile the data. This was interesting because we needed to figure how to word the questions so that it could be given to both art and music students.

We also set up a group wiki space so that we could collaborate virtually and view the work and progress of our CIG mates throughout the course of the project. Each participant was given a page in which to post material related too their particular class and line of inquiry. We included a page for the pre/post test and a page for reading material related to student practice habits and motivation in the classroom.

In the afternoon we spent the better part of the time discussing the method of presenting our work at the sandbox. Several ideas were posed and we tentatively decided on making a short movie to show our results.