I have chose to read an article that I found relevant to my teaching, and current needs as a teacher.

The article I read was “How would you grade your students art projects”.

I have a very hard time grading my student’s work. I have come up with several rubrics and have used some pre made ones.  I want to remain fair.

This article touches on ways to better grade artwork.  It suggests that artwork is mostly about appearance, so craftsmanship and overall neatness should mean a lot in your assessment. I have seen this in my student’s artwork several times. I have a student who is a very good artist. Her work amazes me. Although her work is wonderful, there are many times when she will transport her project from school to home and it becomes crinkled.

Another criteria they felt important is effort. I know from experience that I can look at a students work and know weather or not they spent time on it.

The article also suggests posting the criteria for your art projects. Here is a sample of what I want to include as a standard in grading my student’s artwork:





This is just a start and I will want to fully develop a “basic rubric” that can work with any art project.