“Why is critical thinking essential?” Nov. 2005, by The Critical Thinking Co- Staff.

After reading this article I realized that teaching students how to critical think is more important than teaching them how to take tests. As Americans we are more focused on sports or social events instead of education.

“Aside from food, water, and shelter the one thing that a person will most need in life is education. Of the four neccessities, education is the only one that can belp ensure a persons consistent ability to provide himself/herself with the other three.” This statement is so true, we still have many students that feel that education is a waste of their time. These are the studnets that we will be paying for them to live on government money. Most of the time it is generation after generation  that does this. Children learn how to work the system rather then make something of themselves.

Others such as politicians talk about the importance of education, but the US is not where it should be compared to countries such as Japan, France, and China. The problem is the philosophy of education in the United States. Students are provided with information that they basicly memorize, take the test, and quite frankly forget what they have learned afterwards. Critical thinking is building upon what they already know and what they will continue to learn. It is important to keep gaining knowledge and not always learn and need to take a test. Educators should not be forced to grade students by standardized testing. They should be allowed to grade in many different ways.