OKAY, OKAY, OKAY: Here is something from my elementary classroom. I cannot really take any credit for this example, because this is from a highly motivated child, but it is a very exciting example from a fifth grade violin student who thinks on a highly creative level.

He came in one day with a duet he had composed at home using a free trial software package from the internet. He titled the piece Serenade of Aqua. It was tonal, cohesive with a definite form and his comprehension of harmony was very good. So we played the duet and I asked him why he gave it this title. He proceeded to tell me that it was part of a book he was writing! He and I performed the piece at the February concert. I interviewed him on video and am working through some technical issues to post the video on this blog or on our classroom wiki. I can provide the link to the wiki, if you indicate your interest via a comment to this blog.