(original post 11/2011)

It was somewhat refreshing and yet at the same time slightly terrifying to change CIG groups this year. For the past two years of the AE 2.0 project I was a part of the same CIG with the same people and the same CIG facilitator. There was a sense of familiarity about that. We may have been somewhat dysfunctional but there was a comfort level there. We worked well together. We understood each other. This year while the overall participants have not changed, we restructured the groups. It felt somewhat akin to the first day at a new school. New first impressions, trying to find where within the system you fit in. It was also somewhat difficult since there was no clear leader, no one wanted to assume the role and exclude the ideas of the others. It’s refreshing to discover what other people are doing in their classrooms. It enables us to get new ideas from each other. I really am interested to see how grouping the CIGs by topic of inquiry will impact how the project unfolds. We still have some splits between age groups and discipline areas but all focusing on the same question should ultimately alleviate some of the difficulties we’ve faced in years past. Overall I think I am excited to see how these new relationships grow and what new information we will be able to find.