I’ve been moving through art history recently in my teaching, we’ve dreamed with Rousseau blending with oil pastels, Now we have been looking at self portraits while discovering facial proportions… trying to teach a child to draw what they see is a much harder then it sounds. I was pretty impressed with the results of many of my students. Students in grades k-2 created their self portraits in one class period and colored with skin tone crayons as well as regular crayons. I will be finishing up self portraits next week for grades 3-5, I wanted to hit value and shading with my students…If anyone has any effective way of teaching this I would like your input…These self portraits are jumping off points for more student centered inqury in which I would like to highlight Picasso, cubism, and possibly collage. Creativity with the younger students (k-2) seems to escape me and by the end of this CIG meeting or at least this weekend I would like to plan/frame my lesson . I’m looking for resources and ideas and I am welcoming suggestions.