My CIG group planned on updating each other on our classrooms.  We thought we’d blog about it!  Our inquiry question is as follows: When learning necessary art and music skills, where can the balance between inquiry-based and teacher-directed instruction be found? (or which instructional strategies work best).

With Stop Motion photography, I chose for the balance to happen naturally.  I started with the necessary skills using teacher direct instruction and then learned from my students what their needs were.  This project of stop motion photography is a lesson that the students have been working on for about 8 class periods (two months).  I feel things are going slow because of the limited time I have with my students.  Even though it is coming along slowly, seeing my students learning through their own inquiry is very rewarding.

I felt the need to write things out on notebook paper today.  Check out the pictures to see the process of student inquiry based teaching/learning going on as well as the combination of Teacher-directed.

Students discuss how to end their clip so that it will roll into the next group.