The installation process for my elementary students was a growing experience that opened itself up for many discussions and learning opportunities.  We spent the beginning of the project sketching and covering the walls of their locker shelf.  Grades 1-3 focused on creating a world with layers.  We learned and reviewed background, middle ground, and foreground and built a new layer each class.  The fourth and fifth grade focused more on creating an emotional response from their viewer so creating layers was not required.  Their projects went more in the direction of dramatics and incorporating elements of surprise.  Many students created a Duchamp effect of creating a wall in front of their shelf, and cutting out two tiny holes for your eyes to look through.  One student wanted to create a scary installation, so she made the looking wall then created a pulley system. When you pulled a string, a monster popped up in front of one of the eye holes.

Overall the project process was very successful.  I found motivation from the students in almost all of the classes.  They were working on these during their recess, at home, during homeroom period etc.  Some teachers were really involved and excited too.  Almost all of the students were enthusiastic and proud to show their installation and share their thoughts of why they created the space the way they did.  I found a pattern with the way art class happened.  The students first started at their desks, working on an initial thought that they had been thinking about. Many students were very focused on their own installation.  You could tell they cared about this.  Once they were ready to install and add something inside of their lockers, they started using each other more.  Towards the end of class a lot of collaboration happened.  Whether it was students freaking out that they didn’t get a lot done and needed friends to help, or they wanted to show off what they had created, the class ended with people’s heads stuck in the lockers, feverishly working.  There was a lot of collaboration that happened every class and students depended on themselves as well as each other to trouble shoot and figure out how to express what they wanted.