Because my son knew I was having problems being motivated since my surgery, he bought me the coolest birthday present! He sent me a Fotodiox collapsible Chromakey green and blue background (listed as such on and a new app called Kromath3.

The green screen unfolds from a small circle out to a 5×7 rectangle with tabs on each side to attach. I hung it on the back wall of the classroom. I bought some cheap utility lights at Lowes because shadows make green screen difficult. then.
In social studies, the students are writing biographies on African Americans they admire. I asked them to think of ways they could present this information without reading it. I gave the iPad2 to the students and turned them loose. Below is the first example of a presentation!

This video, Clarence Thomas Green Screen, can be viewed on the wiki space:

Sorry, for some reason, vimeo has put this up-side down 😦