I like to start prepareing my elementary students for the middle school. Elementary school students basicky get pass or fail for their grade where as my middle school students get actual grades.

I start the critique by hanging everyones art work up on the front board. We then begin by me prompting them, “which work followt he most?” or ” Which art work catches you eye the quickest?” or “Which art work do you like the best?”.  Then students will start speaking out and having a discussion about what ever the question is that I prompt them with. I will then go the opposite way and ask ” Which art do you dislike the most?” or “Which art work does not catch your eye?”

This was a new process for them because I do not over talk and they do not talk about their art work until fourth and fifth grades mainly because I’m time limited. I see students once a week for 45 min. Most of the time students just want to do art work and be creative.

I have found letting the students discuss during a critque lets them be more independent thinkers because they all have their own opinions and that their own opinion isn’t wrong. Its also interesting because they are creating their own experiences during this process to think and choose independently.