MAR 2 2012

All CIG members came together for the optional workday.  We are using this time to complete some of the required readings and blogs. We are also taking the time to read and comment on each other’s blogs as well as other members of Arts Educator 2.0.

I want to touch base on how my students are doing with the independent project. Although I am finding that many of them are not documenting their work, some of the work is amazing.  I have given them some ways to document, but do not want to give too much guidance because I would like them to do this on their own. I want this project to remain “independent”.  I have several students who are really doing great with this. They have gone out, found art they like and researched what materials are needed. One student fell in love with mosaic and how people were painting and adding mosaics to cow skulls. She was so excited about this project. She did not know where to find a cow skull, so she was going to settle for a deer skull, which are easier to come across. During Valentines Day, her boyfriend surprised her with a cow skull. We laughed at the “gift” and how most would not understand.