My 8th grade students are learning about artists. They needed to break up into groups of 4. They needed to build a cube to start the project our of matt board or cardboard. I assigned them an artist. I gave them the requirement guide sheet. Side: 1. They had to draw/write/paint/color their artist name in the style that, that artist was identified with. 2. Short info page about the artist.  The other 4 sides of the cube they need to reflect on different times in the artist life. Examples: birth, death, family, or struggles.

After that the students are quite on their own. They are provided with computers to look up information and a printer to print of pictures if needed. Students are allowed to use crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, glitter, or any other media.

This lesson/project makes my students think independently as individuals and as a group. The students have to work togwther, in some groups students have elected a leader to keep everything moving and everyone stays on task and is completed by the given due date.

I am only there for tech. needs. Students had to learn how to make mistakes and fix them as a group. How to bounce ideas off each other to come up with the best solution.