My CIG created a survey regarding motivation to practice, which I had recently given to my students. The results were expected.. they are not really interested in rewards, probably due to their age group. However I’m sure they would not turn down award money! Most of their answers consisted of creating art that is more interesting, more cutting-edge, and trendy. However as I am wrapping up my ceramics unit, I am finding that students working on the wheel are highly motivated! Students who caught on to throwing pots can’t get enough. They would be in my classroom working all day if their other teachers would let them! Ceramics is not a new concept and is not cutting edge, it is an ancient art. The students are excited about doing this art because they’ve succeeded with a new skill. With consistent practice the students realized they can improve and they then became determined to create and to experiment. So it’s not necessarily the cutting-edge concepts, but having some success in a new skill that enhances their motivation.