As I read some of the blog posts that ArtsEducato2.0 participants are writing, I find myself curious about how technology is embedded in their practice? And how technology supports their work with students?

At the last ArtsEducator2.0 meeting, Donna Fox shared how her students are collaborating with her in a class wiki. Other participants have written briefly about technology embedded in classroom experiences over the last few years and about the potential for others. For example, Bethany Hughes wrote about the potential for mobile devices in one of her posts:

“I think that there are many activities that I could offer students if they were allowed to use their phones, mp3 players, etc. in my class.  In this time of the availability of  information, I feel like my phone, or other mobile technology could help me provide students with new and changing information, as well as, the tools for students to discover this information on their own.”

This makes me wonder what other ways participants are using technology to inform their inquiry work this year? Is anyone blogging with their students? Where? Does anyone have any other examples of how technology is supporting inquiry work and student learning? How would we access them? Or maybe there are other thoughts participants have around technology?