My group inquiry is all about helping students to become independent learners. I strongly feel that this is linked to student engagement. Getting the students engaged in their learning will encourage them to become independent due to their motivation to learn! How much better would life in the profession be if the kids really liked coming to school and enjoyed learning because we allowed the process to include and validate their interests and goals? This article says it all. ARts ED 2.0 from the beginning has encouraged each of us as educators to be creative, to push the curriculum to include the arts – the creative aspect of learning. WE have been working in CIGs and now we are encouraging the students to work in teams, partners, to push and encourage each other and develop the skill of team work for their future.

Yakman states, “The magic sentence is science and technology through engineering and ars all through mathematical elements; those are active ways at looking at what we have to create a new world. That is STEAM, as I see it.”  My goal is to add Social Studies to this definition. Why not have students take what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present and determine what could happen in the future.  Adding to my goal is what Brazell says, ” Creativity is not a department down the hallway. Our ability to create, make and design is what makes us human… and it’s what will make us prosper.” Social Studies is all about economics and how it spurs events in history.

One last element I want to take away from this article is the project that the 5th graders in Chenoweth Elem. do in 6 weeks. Their film festival uses subjects “from a list of core content topics including everything from the water cycle to alliteration to fractions.” I like the idea of a film festival, and giving them a list of core subject matter to use as a topic for their film! Great idea for my communications class project that my sub has started. 

FYI I go back to school on Feb 9! Yeah – I am going back to my life!!!