During the holiday I read selected chapters in the book The Mastery Of Music: Ten Pathways to True Artistry by Barry Green. Barry Green teamed up with Timothy Gallway who wrote the Inner Game books and Green’s first book was the Inner Game of Music.

In Chapter 7 of The Mastery, the topic is Concentration: The Spirit of the Zone, there are several quotes I find meaningful to the focus of the Inquiry of the Independents.

1. The brain is the key to the state of peak performance, in music and in life.
2. Green believes that mastering three Inner Game mental concentration skills i.e. being in the zone is as essential as mastering the physical technical skills of playing any instrument.
3. The three challenges to achieving mastery are defining the zone, getting to the zone and staying in the zone.

It seems to me this can be an avenue for me to explore and experiment through observation of students engaged in specific activities through helping them to balance awareness, will and trust in an effort to understand “the zone.”

In my thinking, being “in the zone” is being independent.

We have been encouraged by our administrators to apply H.E.A.T. In our teaching. I will explore whether there can be a convergence between the zone and H.E.A.T.

On another front the Fiddle File wiki has provoked many responses from my students. The discussions are focused around a list of essential questions. I hope to be able to post some of these samples on the Independents wiki as soon as we complete our winter performance next Monday evening.