My substitute and I discussed how to move on from the survey results. I thought that it would be really important to go over the google docs graphs from the survey. He put them up on the interactive white board and went over each question.

What surprising conversation issued! Most of the students thought that the questions were very “random” and unimportant. The questions on homework and studying for tests meant nothing until he asked the students who do homework what their grades were, and the same for students who don’t. Students who were more “independent” and worked on their own began to explain how easy it was. Very obvious discoveries were discussed about raising grades easily by doing assignments and studying for tests. The “non-independent students” really didn’t think that it would make much difference until this discussion. 

The other part of the survey was about what artistic skill they would like to learn more about.  Results showed that the students were very interested in learning about things that they did not already feel skilled in. They were especially interested in video editing, acting, and creating visual art. Can’t wait to make their wishes come true!