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My idea for my independent learning project for my Communications class came from:

This article is about creating oral history interviews. I asked my new substitute if he was up to trying to start my project because I hope to be back in the classroom soon.  Being a star, he was excited about my ideas. The first step is to have the students review the results of the survey, see what everyone was interested in doing. Then we need to get the students to choose what they would like to do for the oral history project. They will need to choose a topic, a method of presentation, independently!

Again, I really like the idea of interviews. They can interview kids who lived in other states, different school districts, people who had a bad experience and lived better because of it.  Key is finding someone they feel comfortable interviewing and learning how to ask open-ended questions. Maybe we can find some interviews on YouTube -good and bad. I really wish they would consider older family members-get family histories. Some kids don’t have grandparents. Parents who have been incarcerated would be great!  I’m excited:)

Hi Cory,

I read your post and I am glad to help with uploading a music or audio file. ; )

After starting a “new post” there is an option to upload an audio/picture file:

When you click on the icon, it opens a window that looks like this:

In this case, when I tried to add the “Itsy Bitsy Blogger” music file, I realized the file was too large for the blog post (as indicated in red above).

This would normally be a great way to post a smaller audio file. Unfortunately the basic WordPress service does not allow adding larger audio files. However, I am not giving up… There has to be an audio player or another widget out there that allows me to embed it into WordPress… Will investigate that… If all else fails I can include it on a website and link it here….

I have given my students an inquiry about harmonization. Choir students are used to hearing & learning their parts, then memorizing them for a performance. So we had our first harmonization playground. I did a brief warmup having my students sing in 3rds, moving up and down sometimes together and sometimes moving in opposite directions. My students absolutely thought I was nuts. I chose a pop song and projected the words onto a screen, but told them they didn’t need to sing the words- simply singing Oo would be fine. You can sing anything but not the melody. At first they sat and looked at me like I had a growth coming out of my head. I told them to move to somewhere in the room where they could be comfortable. I started singing  and turned up the music. As they started “Playing” with the notes, we had some strange sounds. But by the end of the second time through the song students were catching on and harmonizing. Then they sang louder. We tried with new pop songs, their was laughter and a few “I did it”‘s Now they have an assignment to work with 1-2 other students to harmonize their own chosen song. The rest of class they had their harmonization playground. It was a fun class.

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