I admit it, you asked me to post this and I have been dragging my feet.  After all, a blog is like a great sharing, an inspiring conversation, a place to talk about  what you are challenged by or what you are celebrating- in a community there to help.  So why did I keep putting it off ?  Finally I had to ask myself WHY AM I A RELUCTANT BLOGGER?   And it was for all of the reasons we wrote in OUR SONG!

Maybe we were a little giddy listening to all the great stuff happening in the room, or maybe we are just crazy techies, but for whatever reason, reluctant bloggers everywhere take comfort- help is on the way thanks to thanks to Camille, Cory, David and Bethany and these musical moments.

Now Camille can you help me load the music file??? HELP!  How do you load one???

The Itsy Bitsy Blogger (to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy bitsy blogger went up to write a post, down went the net and now the post is toast!

Out came a word doc to put it on at first, Now the itsy bitsy blooger could handle all the worst

The itsy bitsy blogger sat down to write a post, Writing always scared them, it bothered them the most,

Out came some pictures, the blogger posted these, Now the itsy bitsy blogger could make a post with ease.

The itsy bitsy blogger tried for the perfect post, Two hours later the page was still “almost”

Out came the tech dames who hit them on the head, Posts are conversations just talk to us they said!

The itsy bitsy blogger was posting to their blog, Their inquiry was dragging, they heads were in a fog,

Up popped a post with  someone else’s news, Now the itsy bitsy blogger had ideas they could use.

La bloggarotcha, La bloggarathcha,

Get your stuff down on the page

La bloggartcha, La bloggarathcha,

Make your classroom all the rage!

La bloggatotch, La bloggaratcha

Post to talk to us,it’s free,

La blogarotcha, La Blogaratcha,

I share with you, you share with me!