I had my substitute administer a google docs survey that I was hoping that it would provide me with insight  to what my students would be interested in doing when I return.  This was going to be my window into their minds! Well, not so much. Of course I now have more questions than I had before. Did they misinterpret the questions I gave them? Do they think that this questions covers something that is important to me? important to them?  Well, regardless, I’m taking the information I have and I’m running with it.

One portion of the survey was to evaluate how independent they are in their learning.  When asking about completing their homework, the survey showed that about 27% of them can do their homework alone and on time.  The rest need help from friends, neighbors, or at home.  This shows me that they need instruction on how to find the answers for their homework.  Hopefully, when I post-survey them in the spring, There should be an improvement in this response and others similar concerning their independent learning.

Another portion of the survey was to discover what areas of study they would be interested in.  The first question asked the students to mark which of these areas they are already skilled in. The second question asked what they would like to learn more about.  This area has given me some really great tools to begin organizing my inquiry. Bigger question – what will it be???