Reading #2

So I read this article; “The Making of a Music: The Construction & Reconstruction of a Teacher’s Personal Practical Knowledge forming Inquiry.” My first response to this reading was Hurray! I can so relate to the process that Anne went through as she was starting over. I understand her feelings of self-doubt and rediscovery; the stresses of time and wanting to give my students the very best quality while still experimenting and changing according to the needs that I see. My School is trying to get all teachers to do what Anne did. I feel that there is disconnect in their understanding and therefore in their expectations. There is the struggle of change. In my field, music, we live in the realm of inquiry (what would happen if… or how would this sound if we tried…) and what Anne called “play”. Sometimes inquiry happens because of something students bring into “play” a question or an observation. Sometimes because of something really cool that happens while we are rehearsing, a connection made.  I really liked how she focused on the creation of experiences for students within which they would communicate their understanding to others, learn to respond to one another, and be transformed through the interaction of narratives. This helped me as I read my students reflections and evaluations of the Christmas concert collaboration. I have given my students some different tools to help them with their collaboration as a direct response to their evaluations and what they felt they would need to be successful.