While trying to document my time on Nov. 7, I realized that I was pushing the technological boundaries of Canonsburg hospital!  Before the meeting started, I asked the nurses if the had wireless access for their patients.  Since I had just arrived at the rehab facility from Allegheny General, I hadn’t tried to get access to anything myself.  The nurses had no idea if they had patient access! The next time she came back in the room, I was Skyping! As she walked out of the room, I heard her say to another nurse , “She is Skyping into a class from Canonsburg Hospital – that’s a new one!”  So, I skyped on my computer for a few hours, logged into the Wiki live a few hours, and when those wouldn’t work, I phoned Diane for updates.  All of this enabled me to meet my new CIG to plan our new inquiry question through discussion about our classrooms. This gave me the opportunity to listen to how others were planning to take inquiry into their classrooms. Let the games begin 🙂