At our meeting we first reviewed our inquiry question, and shared where we were with our students. We decided that pre surveys and post surveys were needed to help in our evaluation of students.

At the end of Art Ed 2.0 year 3; I said okay so where do I go from here?  I have brought technology into my classroom and have found that it equalized my non music reading students, my music reading students and my IEP students.  It is easy to follow the line and notes up and down where ever they lead has helped students master music faster which has allowed me to focus on blend and dynamics more since the average choir student requires many, many repetitions of their parts before they get it into their head and muscles. (This is tedious and sometimes boring when it is teacher run because students have down time while waiting for their turn) Technology has helped us to utilize time better.

My administration have asked us to bring more rigor and relevance into our teaching in the classroom. Now I’m not sure what can be more rigorous and relevant than being in a musical collaborative group learning the music, learning vocal technique and making it work together with other singers to have a blend and balance and to take it into a show and communicate it to an audience. Together with my friend who is the band director, we asked, What would happen if students took on a larger role in the putting together of a concert show.

So, I laid out a plan and we put together collaborative groups. Students in the band and choir signed up to be in these groups. They were given a time frame in which to complete their tasks and I asked if they wanted me to establish tech to help with collaboration and communication and they said, “No, let us come up with that.” So we did. This is my largest concern, how will students communicate with each other.

Since my students already working on the concert before the CIG meeting I felt that I could not give them a pretest or survey. Instead I designed  a reflective evaluation for my students to complete at the end of the Christmas concert project. My hope is that from their experience, we will learn some what they know and how they work, then draw from the experience and take what we learned and plan a spring show that would turn out better, smoother communication and program flow, more input from students. So now that the first show is done and my students have completed I have poured over their responses, now we meet and plan new goals, new music, I have better help for their documentation and communications. They had some great ideas which we are now implementing. Now we start the new project and I let you know how that goes.