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I have been teaching about Henri Rousseau and his jungle scenes. Foreground, middle ground, and background are the other focus of this lesson. After I have shown a Powerpoint or Rousseau’s life and work I have students do an imagination exercise:” You have just been dropped off in the middle of the jungle, you look in the distance what do you see behind everything else, is it daylight or nighttime… are there mountains or volcanos… What is in the Background? Now look at what is closer to you, are there fruit trees, vines, or flowers… do you see birds, monkeys? Now look at the things closest to you, are there lions, crocodiles, gorillas… what do you see in the foreground?. After my students open their eyes I tell them to draw what you saw. The results were very different for each student’s sketch looked different even though they heard the same descriptions. I love that we were made to be creative beings 🙂 and its apparent through simple guided imagery






Blogging is a great way for arts teachers to document their own inquiry processes as we have seen in the ArtsEducator2.0 blog. However, blogging is also a great way to get students to write about inquiry processes in the arts classroom.

Cory, I wonder how many arts teachers incorporate what they learn about blogging into their classroom?

This makes me think of Will Richardson who is known by many in the ed tech world as a leader of blogging in the classroom. A couple years ago I read this great guide on blogging for classroom teachers:

I haven’t yet had the chance to read this one, but it has also received good reviews:

I wonder if “arts classrooms are leading the way with student blogging?” I also wonder if we created an effective practices list on student blogging in the arts classroom, what would it look like? What suggestions would there be for student bloggers? And teachers facilitating this experience? How would the students be included in generating ideas for blog prompts? Of course, it would be important to know if the school has a student responsible use policy that addresses blogging prior to students creating content online.

There are plenty of resources for student blogging in the classroom including one of my favorites: This site includes a resource page that describes the rationale for student blogging. More blog topics here if interested….

Curious on your thoughts Cory?

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