Thanks for the reminder Camille, that is a great way to keep on top of new blog posts I want to read. I also use the RSS feed for a lot of the blogs I want to follow, but the email reminder will help a lot.  I can even tell wordpress how often to update me.  So, for example if I decide that every Friday I will check the blog, I can ask to be updated once a week to make it easier.  Sweet..

Camille, do you use RSS feed at all?  It is so simple!  You just have to have some sort of a reader- I use Google reader.  First, I signed up for a Google reader account.  Now whenever I find a blog  that I like that has RSS feed I sign up for the feed.  The blog asks me what to use to collect the feed and I choose “Google reader”, so whenever I go into my Google reader account, the latest posts will be there.   You can sign up for RSS feed for this blog here:

On my iPad I use Flipboard to pull  Google reader and all my RSS feeds together.  Flipboard is a free ap that converts any blog, wiki, twitter account, facebook, etc. that you subscribe to (with RSS feed) into a slick news magazine.  Here’s a screen shot of my homepage on my iPad Flipboard- notice that Google reader is on there, along with some others.

At first I had a bit of a problem using Fipboard because you have to tell it which blogs or RSS feeds to put in the line up.  Sites that are well-known are easy,  you just use the search function on  Flipboard to find them and add them to your account, then they appear on your homepage.    It can be tricky to find some of the other blogs that don’t get as much traffic, so I made sure that I was subscribed through Google reader and then just put Google reader in my Flipboard account.

Here’s what the Artsedtech blog looks like on Flipboard:

It’s a great tool to share theatre blogs with my students because they can turn the pages like a book. Cool huh?