QUOTE #1 discussion question:

What “problems” do you encounter with your students that could stimulate a shared inquiry as an active quest?

 Problem: Motivating the students through the whole inquiry based lesson.

I started a project with my students prior to this reading. The project is to turn a digital self-image into a pixel image. They were given no restrictions to the end size of their project or what medium they would use.

Each student was asked to research pixel art to help stimulate ideas.  They had to measure and re-scale the digital image to the end size to fit their needs.

I had students get very creative with this. Some used hole punch dots, beads, and yarn. I had a few who used more traditional mediums like paint and colored pencils. One project will end up being 5ft by 6ft.

The problem I am having is keeping the students motivated. They were excited about researching and designing the project but quickly lost interest in completing it. Even though they had the hardest part of the project done, they are having problems completing it.

I find this problem with most projects. I am not sure how to keep them motivated long enough to finish the project with the same intensity they started it.