We as a team need to be tagging our posts.  We can title our post as anything we want, but should tag the post for easy look up.  Here is a list that we will be using for the futute.  Please use these tags in accordance to what your posts are. 

1.  First required reading =             reading 1

2. Second required reading=         reading 2

3.  Post for 12/18=                           group inquiry 1

4.  post for 4/12=                             group inquiry 2

5. Post for 5/17=                               group inquiry 3

6.  also have 2 posts for our cig meetings   =       cig meeting 1 and cig meeting 2

You are able to add multiple tags to any post.  So feel free to tag it with any other information that may be needed.  For example, if you use an iPad you can tag iPad as well. 

Please make sure you are up to date on the times and dates these posts need to be completed.  Hope you all have a great holiday and happy new year.  Be safe.