Our group set a date and time for an open skype night where we could all address issues we were having dealing with our inquiry topic. James attended this meeting and added many interesting viewpoints, which we all appreciated greatly.

During our session, we were able to talk about what lessons we were doing in our individual classrooms.  Amanda recorded the session and sent an email to everyone in our group.  Angela typed up a couple pages and also emailed everyone notes from the meeting.

During the discussion, the topics almost created themselves. Amanda was discussing how she was going to do stop motion photography with her class, but didnt know if her lesson was truly inquiry based.  James was able to give great information on a better definition for inquiry vs. direct instruction.  The group was struggling with the idea that an entire lesson should be totally inquiry.  Meaning that you would not give directions or instruction.  He also discussed how “action research” was considered a type of study.

Our job during the time away from the group was to teach a lesson with direct instruction and one more inquiry based. Our group was having the issue that teaching one group was going to be different  since each class has a different dynamic and different students.  James pointed out that this issue was not really an issue, since we were not evaluating how differnet classes interacted, but rather how the information was being processed by students as a whole.

We also decided that during the remining time between our skype meeting and the next meeting at the IU we would bring in documentation or examples of our work with the students and have a sharing moment.  We were able to talk for over an hour, and discussed how to contact each other again if we had questions.